The Fat Dog Diet

The Fat Dog Diet is a simple, veterinarian-developed iPhone app designed to safely, effectively, and compassionately help dogs lose weight. It works by integrating well-accepted, research-based weight loss methods into an inexpensive mobile application designed for dog owners and their veterinarians ... with plenty of community support to help every single dog succeed !

Why We Need The Fat Dog Diet

I designed The Fat Dog Diet iPhone app because over fifty percent of pets in the US are classified as overweight or obese. As such, plenty of companion animal veterinarians –– myself included –– believe that excess poundage is the most significant pet health issue of our day. Indeed, it's one that’s frustrated pet owners and veterinarians alike for its dogged persistence in spite of all conventional efforts.

In part, that’s because it’s hard for veterinarians to provide individualized easy-to-follow guidelines when calorie counts on dog food and treats are so tough to find on commercial packaging. But it’s also because the quantity of food and exercise dogs require to achieve weight loss can be challenging to calculate in the context of a time-limited veterinary visit.

This app plans to help both veterinarians and pet owners improve their success rate when it comes to pet weight loss through the power of a simple handheld tool. To that end, I sincerely hope you’ll help me quantify this goal’s progress by contributing your dog’s data to my research on the impact of mobile applications on weight loss in dogs. 

Thanks for caring enough about dogs to read this and for everything you do to help get them healthy again. I wish you only the best of luck in all your weight loss efforts. Fat dogs everywhere thank you!


Dr. Patty Khuly